Melbourne’s Trusted Screeding Contractors are Here to Help

Not sure what we’re talking about? Screeding is a process which involves laying a cement and sand mixture before installing the final flooring layer. There are many benefits to utilising this process and it can be applied to every variety of floor. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in the industry and can offer screeding for both your bathroom or concrete floors within Melbourne.

Benefits of floor screeding

It can prove extremely costly and inconvenient if a newly installed floor develops undulations due to an uneven base. This is where screeding concrete floors can offer a wise pre-emptive step in ensuring you’re not stuck with nasty repair bills later down the track. Screeding offers a levelled and supportive foundation for whatever flooring you’re hoping to install, meaning you don’t get left with a miniature slope in your bathroom or kitchen!

Another benefit is the reduction of time and money (arguably two things most people want to have more of!). When our screeding contractors lay the initial concrete foundation for your Melbourne floors, this makes the process of installing the final flooring layer infinitely easier. You also avoid the added costs of paying a labourer for the extra time it takes to manually level the floor’s surface layer using adhesives and other materials.

Our other services

Our highly trained team is equipped with the necessary tools and experience to offer a number of services. We can conduct many bathroom repairs and even undergo complete renovations, depending on your needs. Take a look at our waterproofing and leak repairs pages for additional information.

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